Have you come to this field because you want to make a difference in the world, only to find yourself bumping against the limits of your knowledge and skill set but knowing something is missing?
Do you know in your bones there has to be a better way to help people on a deeper, longer-lasting level?
Are you ready to go beyond meds, improve your clinical outcomes, create massive positive shifts in your patients’ lives, and connect with a growing number of other PMHNPs committed to doing the same?
If so, please join us in this enriching and transformative learning journey!

This comprehensive certificate program consists of 26 weeks of immersion into the fundamental issues and skills necessary to become an expert clinician treating those who suffer from traumatic stress. In addition, this program prepares you for certification as a Trauma Treatment Specialist through the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists. 

In this program, we will dig into critical issues in trauma therapy that other trainings don’t address in much depth (if at all). You will acquire new skills and insights to optimize your client sessions, leading to improved clinical outcomes and increased referrals. You’ll gain the confidence to navigate complex cases, knowing when to delve deeper, refer out, seek consultation, and advance your clients to higher levels of healing.

The Mastering the Treatment of Trauma for PMHNPs certificate program will assist you in improving your clinical outcomes by providing you with:

      • A deeper understanding of how to differentiate between attachment vs trauma wounds and the proper approach for working with each of them.

      • An understanding of how to work with attachment and emotional wounds, often overlooked in the treatment of trauma, yet very deeply connected to persistent depression and anxiety.

      • The latest research & understanding of the neurobiology of trauma.

      • Essential skills for providing therapy.

      • You’ll be trained in four important therapeutic approaches essential for the healing of trauma:
            • The complete Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS) course- an ego state therapy (also known as parts work)- will help you skillfully heal deep-seated wounds and create new neural networks that result in foundational stability within the patient and massive transformation.

            • Somatic experiencing – learn to quickly help your client get out of fight/flight/freeze and into their body

            • Cognitive restructuring – help your clients see things from a different, healthier perspective.

            • How to use an abbreviated version of  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) that results in rapid trauma processing, alleviating your clients’ internal anguish caused by traumatic memories.

        • Understanding how to take an in-depth history from an attachment vs trauma perspective.
          Strategies to safely uncover what the unconscious mind is holding that contributes to current-day challenges.

        • A structured process for organizing and navigating treatment for individuals affected by attachment and trauma wounds for the best, most life-changing outcomes.

      Learning Format

      Asynchronous Learning:

      You will dive into one module each week, learning strategies to help you maximize your skills in the therapy room. Modules will include instructional videos, tools, templates, and downloads for you to use in your practice.
      Weekly time investment: On average, spend around 90 minutes each week watching the videos. In some weeks, you will need an additional 60 minutes to complete practice scenarios.

      Synchronous Learning:

      This interactive training and consultation group spans six months, comprising 90-minute live virtual sessions totaling 30 hours. Sessions occur weekly or biweekly, maintaining consistency in day/time. You’ll receive a schedule by June 15, 2024.
      These sessions allow you and your cohort to ask questions, clarify concepts, and practice interventions and skills in real time. Consultation is vital for personalizing knowledge and effortlessly applying newfound skills. As the weeks progress, you’ll practice cases in the live sessions and receive clinical input and guidance, enhancing your impact and aligning your clinical work effectively.

      Intensive Learning Retreat

      Your cohort will come together for a four-day intensive learning retreat in a beautiful luxury home just outside of Orlando, Florida, where we’ll dive deep into the intricacies of trauma treatment, share knowledge and experiences, and do lots of practicing on how to apply the therapies you’ve been learning to heal trauma and emotional wounds. Past attendees have described the retreat as transformative, fostering profound professional growth and personal connections with like-minded NPs and facilitating their healing journey.

      Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists Certification

      Designed to empower you with consultation, tools, and skills, this program goes beyond certification to cultivate exceptional trauma treatment providers. Together, we’ll foster a community dedicated to deep healing where you will stand out in the PMHNP field and make a significant impact.

      To seek certification through the ATSS, you’ll need a sponsoring current certified member. Though there’s no test, the ATSS application is rigorous and has numerous requirements. I’d be honored to sponsor you, ensuring a smooth application process so that you meet your certification goal.

      Optional Bonus Consultation Session: How to Launch a Trauma Treatment Practice

      Are you considering venturing into independent practice or switching up your current practice? This class offers guidance on launching your dream therapy practice, whether you prefer an intensive or weekly session model. It also provides strategic advertising tips to boost your practice’s visibility. Additionally, I’m happy to share my practice documents with you—feel free to use them as is or customize them to suit your needs.
       *Please note that these forms are based on Florida requirements, so ensure you adapt them accordingly to comply with your state’s regulations.


      The fall cohort will begin the week of September 2, 2024, and the intensive retreat will be held in January 2025.
      Once I finalize the list of participants, I will contact each of you for times that work with your schedule for the consultation calls. We will then come to a group consensus for the live meeting day/time. You will be notified of the exact retreat and consultation meeting dates by June 15, 2024.  

      Program Fee Includes:

          • 30 CEUs

          • The full 6-month program, including all program materials

          • The full DNMS program, which leads to a listing in the DNMS provider directory as a trained DNMS therapist once consultation hours are complete. (Usually $1499)

          • My full training on how to process traumatic memories without dysregulating your clients (Usually $499)

          • 30 scheduled virtual group consultation hours with me, plus another 40 hours at the retreat ($5500 value)

          • Individual time with me to prepare your certification application (Usually charged at $150/hr)

          • The 4-day intensive learning retreat – INCLUDES lodging & lunches! ($2470)

          • The optional How to Successfully Launch a PMHNP Therapy Practice 2-hour Virtual Consultation ($499)

          • Lifetime access to the private Mastering the Treatment of Trauma for NPs Facebook group, where we have frequent live meetings; you can present cases for feedback, and you are connected with other like-minded PMHNPs who have participated in the program.

          • I am deeply invested in your success, so as a graduate of this program, I will be available to you for private consultations at a discounted rate. I am frequently in the FB group for no charge.

        **Transportation to the retreat and certification application fees are NOT included. Additionally, evenings during the retreat are on your own to rest and recharge as needed.

        In addition, if you register by May 31, 2024, you will also receive a complimentary Theratapper (valued at $120), an indispensable tool you will be required to purchase for the DNMS and the processing of traumatic wounds.

        The total value when I do all of the above separately is over $11000, but I really want to increase the number of us who know how to do this work, so I’m trying to make it as affordable as possible. Once you’ve learned these transformational skills, you will easily earn your money back (and if you’re like me and do intensives, you will earn most of it back in one three-day intensive!).

        Program cost paid over 6 months is $7949.

         A $500 deposit is required upon registration to hold your spot. Then, starting in Aug. 2024, the balance of the course can be paid using one of the following options:

            • Pay in full  (save $700) – $6749

            • 3-month payment plan (save $400) – $2349/mo

            • 6-month payment plan – $1241/mo

          Payments will begin two weeks before the program begins.

          If you're ready to embark on this enriching journey to help you become a better trauma therapist and provide deep transformation for you as a practitioner, click below to register.