Essentials of Healing Trauma Course

Essentials of Healing Trauma Course

This 4-day immersive and highly experiential course was designed to provide NPs and nurses a solid foundation for assessing, treating, and guiding trauma survivors toward healing. A holistic approach to trauma that includes addressing issues related to the body, mind, and spirit is taken to help the patient gain control over biological responses to trauma, subconscious processes that impact behavior, and spiritual challenges that affect the connection with one’s self and the world in general.

This 28-hour training is designed to improve the quality of treatment for those who have experienced trauma by providing a working knowledge of how to engage in the process of trauma treatment. The course not only focuses on interventions but how to sequence the interventions to maximize outcomes.

This course provides 24 CEUs approved by the Florida Board of Nursing that can count toward the CEU requirements necessary for certification as a Trauma Treatment Specialist with the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists.

Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive a trauma therapist toolkit filled with assessment instruments, treatment protocols, and intervention worksheets to be utilized in your practice.

This course has been created to be experiential for participants. Introspection and self-evaluation will be strongly encouraged. The program will provide you with an understanding of techniques and models that enable you to improve your clinical skills, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to do your own work to help you become a practitioner who is both internally and externally equipped to face the challenges of working with traumatized clients. Please consider if you are emotionally prepared to participate in a course that may sometimes be triggering if you have a traumatic background. While we will support one another as a group, it is recommended that you also have your own mental health support syste

Course Curriculum

  • The neurobiology of trauma
  • Biochemical, psychological, social, and spiritual factors that contribute to traumatic stress
  • Adaptive and maladaptive coping behaviors
  • The biochemical, affective, and cognitive impacts of traumatic stress
  • The neurobiology of attachment
  • Traumatic stress over time, across and within developmental stages
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Adverse childhood experiences
  • PTSD vs Complex PTSD
  • The role of traumatic stress in clinical disorders, such as personality disorders, dissociative identity disorder and more
  • Conceptualizing a framework of healing for survivors of traumatic stress
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the APA & DSM-5® changes
  • ACE & developmental trauma
  • Assessment instruments
  • Cultural considerations
  • Evidence-based treatments and guidelines for managing & treating PTSD
  • Treatment interventions-demonstrations, exercises and application
  • Incorporating Eastern medicine into healing practices
  • The role of psychedelics in trauma recovery & other cutting-edge treatments
  • Somatic Experiencing and other methods for self-regulation
  • Working with a traumatized brain
  • Improved diagnoses for effective treatment strategies
  • Strategies for increasing trust with a patient
  • Helping clients tolerate dysregulation
  • Working with the limbic system
  • How to identify and treat dissociation
  • Brain building strategies
  • Addressing ego states and dissociation
  • Strategies for making the first sessions successful
  • Building trust
  • Basics of psychotherapy and other therapeutic approaches in treating trauma
  • Transforming behavioral patterns that hold your patient back
  • Demonstration, exercises and application of skills to teach clients self-regulation
  • Working with shame
  • Working with trauma defense responses
  • Helping stuck patients get unstuck
  • Viewing of the Wisdom of Trauma and post-viewing discussion
  • How to help traumatized clients improve relationships
  • Healing the child within
  • The role of neuroplasticity in overcoming negative belief systems
  • How to release implicit memories that my be keeping your patient stuck
  • How to overcome fear that keeps your patient locked in trauma time
  • The uncomfortable comfort zone of trauma – Repetition compulsion
  • Case studies and discussions
  • Q & A
  • Experiential exercises
  • Therapy practice

Dates & Locations:

May 2-5, 2024: Orlando, FL

Sept 12-15, 2024: Orlando, FL

                                                                                                                                          The Orlando course will be held at the beautiful Oakland Manor House (OMH). We’ll retreat to the sanctuary of old Florida life in this magical early 1900s historic home, which we’ll have all to ourselves. 

Stay at the OMH in your own private en suite w/ a queen bed and private bath for the special fee of $780. (Fee is for your entire stay, not per night.) Space is limited

Location of your choice –

Traci will travel to your location to present this course live if you have a minimum of 6 participants. Contact Traci to discuss at

What's Included:

    • Full course, including all supplies
    • Lunch each day of the program
    • Trauma Therapist Toolkit filled with assessment instruments, treatment protocols, patient worksheets, and more that you can implement immediately in your practice
    • Lifetime member of the Intensive Trauma Course for PMHNPs private Facebook group for peer support related to working with traumatized clients
    • Approved for 24 CEUs by the Florida Board of Nursing

Registration Fee:

$1295 – A $500 deposit is required to hold your spot. The balance of $795 will be billed 2 weeks before the course.

**If interested in staying at the Oakland Manor House ($780/room for the entire length of course), contact Traci at to register for your room. 


Essentials for Healing Trauma Course Presenter


Traci Powell is a psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner, an internationally Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist, writer, trauma education consultant, and an unshakable force dedicated to helping adult survivors of trauma and abuse return to their authentic selves and step into their wholeness. She has been in nursing for almost 30 years. First as a bedside nurse, then as a neonatal nurse practitioner, but after doing much of her own personal healing work, Traci stepped into her true calling as a mental health provider. Traci has her own private practice, where she helps clients find accelerated and lasting healing through a unique, highly individualized, intensive full-day therapy process. Along with her private practice, Traci also speaks publicly about the stigma surrounding mental illness, especially as it pertains to healthcare workers. Most recently, in response to growing suicide rates and worsening mental health among nurses, Traci founded Nurses Healing Nurses, an organization whose mission is to give nurses a safe space to talk about hard things. Traci’s writings have been featured on KevinMD, This is My Brave, and the Wisconsin Humanities Council, and she can be heard on the KevinMD, Stirring the Shot, and Don’t Eat Your Young podcasts. She can be found at