Psychoeducation and Enmeshment Management

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An 8 yo wounded part believes his bad grades in school are proof he’s worthless. If you addressed this belief by referring the part to the Resources, what might you say?
An athletic 13 yo part says a fear of failure motivates her to train extra hard, making her more competitive. She’s worries that therapy will take away her fear, making her less successful. Which of the following would be the most effective way to handle this worry by being directive?
Amanda grew up oppressed by parents who enforced extremely strict, rigid rules about all aspects of her life. Now you’re working with a 6 yo wounded part who fiercely defends her parents. If you addressed this child part’s defensiveness by encouraging self-discovery, what might you say?
A 4 yo wounded part feels overly responsible for managing her mother’s emotions. How might you address that?
Rita is part of a community culture that discourages independent thought and encourages unhealthy enmeshment. What do you need to be mindful of as you aim to help Rita’s wounded parts heal?